Course bookings – terms and conditions

Once you have confirmed a course with Jill Webb Training (JWT), the terms and conditions below will apply to both parties:

  1. Once the booking is agreed, confirmation of day, date, time, costs  and venue (where known) will be forwarded by a representative of JWT
  2. Invoices will be sent out before the training and will be payable within 30 days unless otherwise agreed.   Late payments will incur an administration charge. For courses of 4 or more sessions, the course will be invoiced in 3 stages: one third upon booking, one third after the first session and the final third after all sessions have been delivered.
  3. Where delegate certificates have been agreed, or are part of the course if the course is accredited, they will be delivered or posted out after the course is complete and payment has been received
  4. The number of delegates that may attend a course is dependent on the subject but the maximum number will be stated at time of booking. Sometimes these numbers are limited due to the awarding organisation requirements
  5. Should the client request a change to the booking more than 30 days in advance, this will be accommodated where possible and the only costs passed onto the client will be those which have been directly incurred, eg train fares or non-refundable hotel rooms or room hire.  Should a change be requested within 30 days, this will be considered a cancellation (see point below)
  6. Cancellation of a course by the client will incur a 25% administrative charge if more than 30 days before the course commencement date. This may be waived if the course can be re-arranged
  7. Cancellation of a course by the client within 30 days will incur the full charge agreed.  If the course can be rebooked at a mutually convenient time, consideration will be given to reducing the cancellation fees
  8. Should JWT need to change or cancel a course after confirmation, there will be no charge to the client.  Alternative arrangements will be offered wherever possible.  Any payments made will be refunded if alternative arrangements cannot be agreed
  9. In line with JWT Equality and Diversity Policy, every effort is made to accommodate learners with additional needs.  Any adaptations needed should be indicated a minimum of seven days before the course begins.  Some courses have a physical aspect.  Candidates must be physically able to carry out the training provided
  10. The venue/room provided must be suitable for purpose and provide adequate space for the required activity.  The venue must accommodate the attendees of the course in a suitable manner (ie adequate seating, lighting and visibility).  
  11. For accredited courses, eligibility criteria may apply. Students must show previous certificates for re-qualification or update courses.  For example, for a First Aid Re-qualification Course, the original First Aid at Work certificate is needed as part of the registration process
  12. A full set of policies covering the work of JWT is available to view at

Consultants working for JWT cannot be held responsible for any circumstances beyond our control, which affect the course date(s), content(s) or timing(s), including cancellation or re-scheduling.
JWT does not accept responsibility for any accidents or misuse of training carried out by any students whilst on a course or used after the course.

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